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    Review of DIGITAL KNIGHT by Ryk E. Spoor

    Baen, September 2003

    Information researcher Jason Wood has used digital image enhancement to hone the photograph and the result is obvious. A bribe is being paid. The only problem is, only one person is shown. So, what happened to the other. Wood is a modern guy and doesn't want to believe in magic, but someone is on the other side of that bribe--and there are even footprints showing where he should be. So, exactly what can pay bribes, press footprints down on the earth, yet not be seen in photographs. A vampire jumps to mind, and there aren't a lot of good alternatives.

    When Wood threatens vampire Verne Domingo, he doesn't begin to understand how much trouble he's in. Domingo is as old and powerful as vampires get--and that's saying a lot. Strangely, though, he seems amused by Wood and the two become friends. Being friends with a powerful vampire has its upside, but it also puts Wood in harm's way when some of Domingo's enemies become Wood's enemies as well. Wood finds himself experimenting with wood and silver bullets, garlic, crystals, and all other manner of devices against the undead and other paranormal forces.

    Author Ryk E. Spoor brings a light touch to the urban fantasy genre. With Wood's help, Domingo becomes an benefactor of the arts, and turns priceless antiques he's hoarded for thousands of years over to museums. As the story progresses, we learn more about Domingo's past and the vampire continues to grow as a character. Spoor's writing is interesting and inobtrusive, making DIGITAL KNIGHT an involving read.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 1/22/07

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