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    Review of FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE by Kim Harrison (see her website)


    Eos, March 2007

    It isn't easy having a vampire boyfriend, a vampire roommate who's insanely jealous, a couple of demon marks waiting to be called, an aura badly stained with demon, and a were who's her alpha, but witch Rachel Morgan has all of these problems and more. When an amnesiac demon wanders into the church where she and her roommate (along with a thousand-year-old female elf-warrior and a dangerous pixie) live Rachel realizes she's in trouble. For one thing, she really can't afford to get the church reconsecrated, and it badly needs it after the demon visit. For another, an FIB agents shows up with word that someone is killing the werewolfs of Cincinatti and Rachel finally figures out that she is at least partially responsible.

    Rachel's problems only get worse because she's badly conflicted. Whatever steps she takes with her boyfriend risks her relationship with her roommate, and while she would really like to deepen her relationship with her roommate, she doesn't swing the girl-girl way and besides, there's the little matter of her roommate not being able to control her blood-sucking tendencies. These personal problems become confounded when most of the magical in the city start gunning for her and when a long-banished demon shows up again.

    After a slow start, author Kim Harrison puts together an engaging story. Rachel is a deeply conflicted character, but she cares about a lot of people and wants to do the right thing--things that make her more sympathetic. The writing was a bit dense in spots, and I think the story could have been trimmed a hundred pages or so to speed things up. Still, Harrison does a fine job of world-building, with a convincing magic system, and a strong character arc through the novel.

    FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE is the fifth book in Harrison's Hollows series featuring Rachel Morgan. It is certainly possible to read it as a stand-alone. Some of what seemed confusing, however, might have made more sense if I'd read earlier novels in the series first.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 4/18/07

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