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    Review of NO DOMINION by Charlie Huston

    Del Rey, December 2006

    Down on his luck and running low on his blood stash, vampire private detective Joe Pitt decides to do what he never does--solicit business. His former mentor in The Society is willing to offer him a job--tracking down the strange drug that turns vampires into out-of-control crazies. Although The Society is dedicated to the proposition that vampires eventually come out of the closet, they don't want to rush that moment, and they certainly don't want to come out of the closet with vampires mowing down dozens of normal humans.

    Pitt's investigation takes him across the vampire worlds of New York. From the south of Manhatten, where members of the Society struggle to power, to the northern end--the Hood, where African-American vampires suppress dissent and urge a bloody war against the Coalition that rules the central part of Manhattan.

    Almost from the start, Pitt's life is in danger. In the vampire world. a rogue is never trusted and frequently killed. While Pitt merely wants to retain his independence, the other vampires see him as a rogue to be killed. It doesn't help that he pissed off the Coalition's leader so badly they'll do just about anything to kill him.

    Pitt gradually unravels the plan, and learns that his friends in The Society have been infiltrated.

    Author Charlie Huston (see more reviews of novels by Huston) continues his fascinating Joe Pitt series with another hard-boiled vampire story. Pitt, with a convincing blend of cynicism and desire to do the right thing makes an interesting protagonist. Huston adds some nice twists at the end, leaving Pitt frustrated and falling short of his goals.

    Charlie Huston's prose is fast and engaging. NO DOMINATION is a hard book to put down. Nicely done.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/21/07

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