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    Review of THE NYMPHOS OF ROCKY FLATS by Mario Acevedo (see his website)

    Rayo, March 2006

    When an old friend summons vampire-detective Felix Gomez to the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, Gomez doesn't know what to expect--but the twenty thousand dollars his friend sent him suggests it'll be serious. Gomez would never have guessed he'd be hired to investigate a breakout of nymphomania among the female members of the Rocky Flats staff. Unfortunately, security is so tight, Gomez will have a hard time penetrating the secrets. Fortunately, ordinary human limitations don't apply to Gomez--he is a vampire, after all. Although with his decision to stick with animal blood only, he is in danger of losing his vampire skills.

    Pretty quickly, it becomes apparent that Gomez has rocked some dangerous boats--someone is coming after him. At the same time, someone else seems targeting the vampires of the Denver area. Vampire hunters have been doing their dirty work for a long time, but Gomez is first to notice the connection between outbreaks of nymphomania and whoever is murdering vampires. Unfortunately, all of the danger is messing with Gomez's own love life as he tries to make time with a sexy dryad.

    Author Mario Acevedo (see more reviews of novels by Acevedo) combines detective and vampire fiction with just a touch of humor. Gomez, with is Iraq War past, makes an interesting and sympathetic protagonist. Acevedo's decision to bring in Area 51 and the whole alien conspiracy thing adds a unique touch to this promising urban fantasy. Acevedo's prose is strong enough to keep me hooked on this story all the way through.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/22/07

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