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    Scholastic, July 2007

    Dumbledore's death has left the world of wizards in uproar and created a power vacuum that Voltemort (aka You Know Who) is quick to fill. Voltemort's death-eaters line up to fill the positions of the Ministry of Magic and even the highest positions in Hogwarts. Meanwhile, 'mudborn' wizards are subjected to new rules, or even sentenced to Azkaban. Harry Potter, along with best friends Ron and Hermione, resolve to continue the quest Dumbledore set for Harry--tracking down the pieces of Voltemort's soul he hid in various objects and destroying them. But all of wizardry seems to conspire against them and they have few clues on how to pursue their plan.

    Harry's faith in himself and others is shattered when he learns more of Dumbledore's past. Dumbledore once had a sister who was apparently a 'squib' (non-magical person born into a wizard family). Could Dumbledore have been involved in her early death? Clearly Dumbledore has kept many secrets from Harry, who trusted him more than he has trusted anyone.

    While Harry and his friends wander around England, Voltemorte continues to crack down on the wizards. At the same time, he hunts for the one object that can make his victory inevitable--the famous Elder wand that cannot be defeated. With it, Harry would be helpless. With it, Voltemort can finally eliminate the one young man who has stood between him and his goals. Best of all, from his perspective, Harry no longer has the help of the one wizard strong enough to threaten even Voltemorte--Dumbledore.

    Author harry potter and the deathly hallow by j. k. rowling scholastic, july 2007 *** reviewed 8/02/07" target="_blank">J. K. Rowling (see more reviews of novels by Rowling) continues her Harry Potter series--for the first time without sending her primary characters back to school at Hogwarts. Hogwarts is no longer safe for Harry Potter. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOW is very much a payoff story. Characters who played important parts in past episodes are now dealt with, the mystery of Dumbledore's relationship with Snape is finally explained, and death comes to many of Potter's friends. I would have to say that this book does not really stand alone. It needs to be read as the conclusion of a series rather than as a separate entity. I spoke to several friends who were rereading the earlier stories to prepare for DEATHLY HALLOW and, in retrospect, I think they were right to do so.

    Harry Potter fans won't be disappointed by the adventure, conflict, and the ultimate showdown between You Know Who and the Boy Who Lived. Still, Harry being 'The Boy Who Lived' points up a part of the problem with this novel. Harry learns that he was being manipulated by Dumbledore and really doesn't change that. He never really makes the step into adulthood where he is forced to make his own decisions, take responsibility for his actions. While the world is falling apart around him, Harry spends his time obsessing about whether Dumbledore really loved him--get over it, Harry.

    Given the degree of complexity that Rowling uses in plotting, I was surprised at the extent to which the actual 'Deathly Hallow' was really just a gimmick. The Hallows consists of three objects, related in legend and, according to that legend, providing a unique power if united. In fact, one of those three objects could have been left out entirely without changing the story and the other two never really came in contact. The legend itself was interesting and I think Rowling could have done a lot more with this concept.

    J. K. Rowling delivers a readable book and a mostly satisfying wrapup to a series that created a whole new wave of young adult fantasy (and maybe even young adult readers). Although I see areas where I think Rowling could have done better, the book is enjoyable and, at over 700 pages, hard to put down. I read it in twenty-four hours.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/02/07

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