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    Review of WHITE NIGHT by Jim Butcher (see his website)


    Roc, April 2007

    The police think it's a suicide, but wizard Harry Dresden knows better. It's murder--and a special kind of murder that can only be associated with a vampire. The White Court of vampires feeds on human emotions--and that kind of feeding could drive a woman to suicide. The particular women being attacked are minor mages, people without enough power to be associated with wardens like Harry, but people, nevertheless, who pass magic with their genes. If the vampires can wipe them out, they've created a long-term solution to their war with the wizards--they'll outlive them.

    That part is obvious to Harry. Less obvious is who might be behind it--and why they'd want to leave a clear message for Harry to find. Harry might not be the most skillful warden around, but he's one of the most powerful and deadly. It might be possible to use him as a tool, but doing so would be so risky only a few could be daring enough to do so.

    Harry's investigation is hampered because the potential victims don't trust him. They've hired another investigator, Harry's first girlfriend, Elaine, to keep them alive, but they suspect that Harry might even be the killer. From their descriptions, Harry wonders if his brother might be involved. Thomas is a vampire--and has exactly the kind of talent that could lead a woman to die of pleasure.

    You don't have a DRESDEN FILES novel without a bang-up action scene, and the one in WHITE NIGHTS is a doozy. Deadly vampires, deathless ghouls, a cave full of human thralls, crime bosses with hired mercenaries, Harry's friend (and possible love interest) cop Murphy and even Harry's personal demon all collide in a huge dustup.

    Author Jim Butcher (see more novels by Butcher) continues his DRESDEN FILES series with an exciting combination of gritty detective novel and fantasy action. Butcher's action scenes are always well written and enjoyable and Harry's attempts to understand himself, deal with his ambivalent feelings about his allies (let alone his enemies), and his female troubles all make him a sympathetic and interesting character

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/20/07

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