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    Review of WORLDBINDER by David Farland


    Tor, September 2007

    With his father, the Earth-King dead, Fallion refuses to take forces of others, but he's intent on healing the shattered worlds and thinks that his fire magery can do the job. When he and his small group of followers defeat the evil that has been holding a city hostage, he has a chance--and is able to bring together two of the near-infinity of worlds sliding together. But the true world has been shattered for a long time. Some people had aspects on both worlds--and they emerge stronger than ever. Others, though, had died in one of the worlds, leaving themselves only half a person. Fallion hadn't really thought about how worldbinding would work--or whether anyone would survive the exercise.

    The world Fallion merges with his own is nearly overrun by wyrmlings and humans had been nearly extinct--until the millions from Fallion's world arrive. Unfortunately, the wyrmlings simply see the arrival as more food. Even worse, Fallion quickly realizes that he fell into a trap--the Lady Despair needs Fallion to complete her plans and has brought him to her world.

    Author David Farland (see more reviews of novels by Farland) continues his excellent RUNELORD series in another action-packed fantasy. Fallion learns that his power over fire is equaled by others, that he cannot save those he loves, and that bringing together worlds doesn't just multiply good, it also multiplies the evil forces within each world.

    Although it contains hope, WORLDBINDER is a fairly grim story. Evil seems unstoppable and the powers Fallion was so proud of are proven inadequate. I'll definitely be looking for the sequel to see how Farland is able to write his way out of the problems he's created for his characters (those who survive this one, at any rate).

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/17/07

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