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    Review of AMBER AND BLOOD by Margaret Weis


    Wizards of the Coast, May 2008

    She was born in joy at the beginning of the universe, but then cast into a long sleep. Now, though, she's awake. Still, Mina doesn't fully realize her powers, can't think of herself as a god. She experiences fear, pain, and lonelyness.

    Rhys, a Monk of Majere, and his sidekick, kender (think hobbit) Nightshade are certain their part in the great adventures of the age are over. When a young girl is washed up on the shore, they think she's just one more piece of refuse from the wars that have ravaged the world since the gods vanished--and then reappeared. But when the girl identifies herself as Mina, and demands to be taken to her mother at Godshome, they realize they've barely begun to face the danger.

    Together, the three, along with Rhys's dog, undertake a trek that begins with raiding a magical tower buried under miles of sea for ages, across continents, and finally to the point where Mina can only achieve her goal if she will meet the one man she's sworn to kill.

    Author Margaret Weis spins an engaging story with sympathetic characters, a fascinating world, and lots of action. Mina, in particular, is a complex character--simultaneously a young child and a warrior responsible for the deaths of thousands and the creation of an entire population of undead. Mina is a god born into light, but who later supported darkness. Now, the balance hangs in her hands--and her hands have already been blooded.

    Fans of the DragonLance universe will definitely want to read this compelling conclusion to the Dark Disciple series.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/18/08

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