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    Review of A REALLY BAD HAIR DAY by Rob Preece


    A Really Bad Hair Day cover Lawyer Erin Tsong knows how to put on her game face, intimidate an opposing witness, play tough, but there's such a thing as carrying intimidation too far. At least that's what the judge says when she grows snakes out of her head. And Erin finds herself without a job, without a boyfriend, and with the threat of her mother coming to take care of her. Unfortunately, what happens to Erin is not unique--all over America, people are being transformed--and Erin is caught up in the backlash.

    A human retrovirus has exposed long-suppressed DNA sequences, sequences that carry the genes for vampires, giants, shapeshifters, and even Gorgons. As the world struggles to deal with the consequences of the transformation, Erin finds herself caught in the middle. She's involved in a high-profile legal case, one aimed at classifying the transformed as violent criminals, but she's also threatened by a group of vampires who believe she's a traitor to the transformed community.

    Author Rob Preece (see more reviews of novels by Preece) returns to the Return of Magic Plague universe in a story that combines a light first-person touch with some serious insights. Through the story, Erin gradually transforms from a self-centered lawyer to a woman with concerns that go far beyond the state of her bad hair.

    Set in Santa Cruz, California, where Preece attended College, A REALLY BAD HAIR DAY is filled with entertaining characters who pick up on the unique character of that city by the sea.

    Approximately 81,000 words.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/21/08

    A REALLY BAD HAIR DAY is only $3.99. A REALLY BAD HAIR DAY is available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Mobipocket, eReader (Palm Reader), and Microsoft Reader (zipped) formats.

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    Rita, over at Night Owl Romance says "Preece concocted a fun and imaginative tale with clever characters. Humor and sass ooze from the heroine." Read her 4.25 (out of 5) review here.

    Shira at Simply Romance says it's "a comical and thought provoking story of what makes a human a human. The characters were well developed and the friendships forged would be long - lasting." (Read the full review here)

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