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    Review of MOTOR CITY SHAMBLER by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy (see his MySpace site), June 2009

    Motor City Shambler cover Robert Johnson was out for a hike when a stranger ran up and bit a chunk out of his arm. It's a strange behavior, but Johnson patches himself up as best he can and heads for home--Detroit. When he wakes up, he sees the news--there's a weird infection out there, an infection that comes to be known as zombies.

    In his new persona as Zombie Bob, Johnson discovers he's one of the few zombies who retain their reasoning abilities. Unlike most of the others, who shamble fairly aimlessly, seeking human flesh and blood to repair their fast-rotting bodies, Bob can think, can reason, can plan ahead, can even disguise himself with clean clothes and cologne. Still, as the National Guard locks down the city, and living humans discover the zombies' succeptibility to fire, things look bad for Bob.

    Author Joshua Calkins-Treworgy (see more reviews of novels by Calkins-Treworgy) spins a charming light tale of the living dead. Bob looks for love, writes memoires he suspects will only be read by the race he sprung from but became his victims, and tries to keep both himself and his less intelligent fellow zombies alive--and fed. Very funny.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/16/09

    MOTOR CITY SHAMBLER is available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, eReader (Palm Reader), Mobipocket (Kindle), Sony Reader, Microsoft Reader and ePub formats. It's priced at just $3.99.

    Want more? Read the opening chapter for FREE (HTML only).

    Buy the paperback (or Kindle) version of Motor City Shambler from Amazon

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