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    Review of LIZARD AT ARMS...AND MORE by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy (see his MySpace page)

    TAMALARIAN TALES, February 2010

    Lizard at Arms by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy cover Police Lieutenant Charamir Kooteck has a problem. It's not that he's a humanoid lizard...that doesn't bother him at all. Instead it's the series of murders, conducted by a man, or man-like being, with a hook. Considering that his job mostly consists of making sure wererats don't steal too much and handling drunks, a serial killer is exciting...and career-limiting. With the news-gnomes after him, and his chief detective causing friction with other police districts, Charamir has his hands full.

    Death has his problems, too. He's got a lot of ground to cover in the multiverse and Tamalaria is one of his favorite planes, but they do cause problems. Like the kid who thinks he wants to commit suicide. What is it about teenagers? What Death knows is that Tamalaria is due for some big shakeups, which is why he stepped in as godfather to the forbidden cross-breed Portenda. Now, though, he needs to keep the gods in line too. And then there's Lain the necromancer, vacationing in the forbidden swamps and gathering demons.

    In a series of nine stories/novellas and one fictional exposition, author Joshua Calkins-Treworgy takes us to the world of Tamalaria, introduces us to the orcs, lizardmen, elves, dwarves, demons and humans (among others) who make that world their home, and keeps the action high. Fans of the Tamalaria series will be happy to see many favorite characters return. Those who haven't yet discovered Calkins-Treworgy will find LIZARD AT ARMS...AND MORE to be a charming introduction to that fantasy world.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/28/10

    This book is no longer available from

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