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    Review of AFTER THE GOLDEN AGE by Carrie Vaughn

    Tor, April, 2011

    Another day, another kidnapping. Ever since her parents' secret identities became known, Celia West (daughter of Captain Olympus and Spark)has been kidnapped by one gang after another. Each time they think controlling Celia will give them free reign in Commerce City, patrolled as it is by an ineffective police force and the Olympus team of superheroes. Each time, the Olympus gang saves Celia, while making it clear that the city comes first, even if she is the daughter of Olympus's leaders. Without superpowers of her own, Celia treasures the silver medal she won in a swim meet and works as an accountant. One lucky result of this particular kidnapping, though, is that she meets a sexy detective who is also interested in her.

    In her role as accountant, Celia is asked to participate in the "trial of the century." Olympus's old nemesis, the Destructor. Celia has a past with Destructor--in her rebellious teens, she sought out Destructor and stood by his side as he attempted to set off bombs that would destroy Commerce City. Her father has never really forgiven that indiscression, even if her juvenile court records are sealed.

    As the trial of Destructor continues, a new crime wave breaks out in Commerce City. Someone is stealing unusual treasures and the Olympus team seems unable to stop them. Using her accounting and research skills, Celia tries to look beneath the obvious for common threads within the crime wave, and for links to the past. Meanwhile, the mayor, increasingly frustrated by the failure of teh Olympus team, is imposing a crackdown of his own... a crackdown that includes an attempt to control the superheroes.

    Author Carrie Vaughn creates a charming story of a young woman dealing with her life as daughter of superheroes--her father is so worshipped by the city that he never seems to have time for Celia, except to condemn her latest mistakes.I really enjoyed Vaughn's writing, witty, funny and thoughtful. The love triangle worked for me, and I found Celia a sympathetic and strong character. This is Vaughn's second book but my first exposure to her. I'll definitely look for more.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/30/12

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