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    Review of COLD DAYS: A NOVEL OF THE DRESDEN FILES by Jim Butcher

    Roc, November 2012

    Harry Dresden has sold out. He's not just a local wizard any more, he's the Winter Knight. Being Winter Knight gives him access to new powers, but it's also a bit of a problem. Harry has always had impulse control problems. Now, the hunger of Winter adds a new dimension to that issue.

    After a period of recuperation from his recent death (involving daily assassination attempts as part of his therapy), Dresden is given his first assignment... kill an immortal. Turns out, there is a way, and a time. But actually doing the deed won't be easy. Assuming that killing the immortal is the right thing to do. Because Dresden learns that he's the warden for an entire prison filled with outsider invaders who'll rip through Chicago (and the rest of the world) if they get a chance to escape... oh, and by the way, someone is trying to set them free.

    Can Dresden even count on his old allies, ex-cop Karrin, ex-dog Mouse, ex-apprentice Molly, and brother Thomas?

    Well, of course he can count on his allies. Whether they can count on Dresden is a bit more doubtful. After all, Molly is all grown up now and...

    Anyway, off we go in another world-saving adventure. It's a lot of fun and it's classic Jim Butcher.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/09/13

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