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    Review of PIRATES OF THE VOID by Kenneth E. Ingle


    (Formerly titled Euterpe: The Fall of Freedom), September 2014

    Euterpe: The Fall of Freedom by Kenneth Ingle cover His parents illegally executed, his planet under siege, his brothers and sister crying for revenge, Harmon Penrose decides to act. With six ships against the Kingdom of Braeden's thousand, a direct attack is clearly suicide. But Braeden depends on its merchant trade for its wealth--and Harmon comes from a line of pirates. First, he has to escape the prison Braeden's blockade has created over his planet. Then he has to establish a base from which he and his siblings can operate. Finally, he has to hit Braeden hard enough to make them bend to his wishes--while keeping hiself alive. For anyone else, this would be an impossible list--but Harmon doesn't calculate the odds, he makes things happen.

    The life of a space pirate suits Harmon. With his strategic mind and pure bravado, his tiny band creates problems that powerful Braeden simply cannot respond do. What neither he nor his siblings know, however, is that he is being used. A powerful force that hates both Harmon's family and the current Braeden monarch is using Harmon for her own ends--and fully intends that both be destroyed.

    Author Kenneth Ingle (see more reviews of novels by Ingle) continues his 'Contact' space adventure series with non-stop action. Whether developing new worlds, attacking Braeden merchant-ships, rescuing his family, or plotting new ways to torture Braeden's rulers, Harmon is constantly in motion, driving the story forward. Fans of space adventure will definitely want to get their hands on this exciting story.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/29/14

    EUTERPE: THE FALL OF FREEDOM is no longer in print.