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    Stalking the Apocalypse cover They are A'tuu'shahn'i, the Rim's mercenaries of choice, ancient, enigmatic shape-shifters rumored to be organic machines, possibly from a different dimension altogether. Invincible, implacable, unstoppable—except to an even more ancient, equally implacable enemy from within.

    For the crew of the patrol ship Baidarka, finding A’tuu’shahn’i warriors on a routine rescue mission is a disaster. Having to work with them is even worse,especially as both human and A’tuu’shahn’i are only waiting for the betrayal they are certain will come too soon. Young Ensign Sirin Corsali tries to keep her injured commander alive under the dubious rescue of the A’tuu’shahn’i. Chief Medical Officer on the Baidarka, William Amalfitano, must treat A’tuu’shahn’i as patients... possibly some of the same A’tuu’shahn’i who slaughtered his family. Most conflicted, though, is A’tuu’shahn’i Battle Commander Khusaaq, who has violated a direct order from his superior, only to learn that his action might result in the destruction of his entire people.

    Author J. E. Bruce (see more reviews of science fiction/fantasy by Bruce) writes a compelling space adventure, combining fast-paced action with compelling characters. With each twist of the plot, more secrets are uncovered... secrets that make it clear that nobody is blameless in the conflict, and that finding a solution, even survival, may be impossible. Ultimately, Khusaaq, Amalfitano and Corsali must learn to trust one another... but even that trust may become a weapon against them when their own governments have deeper agendas.

    Those looking for a sophisticated space adventure will want to grab STALKING THE APOCALYPSE... and hope for more stories from the Coalition/Orthodoxy universe.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/12/14

    STALKING THE APOCALYPSE is available in multiple eBook formats (HTML, Adobe PDF, ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket) at the low price of only $3.99. Click the 'Buy Now' button below to purchase it now.

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