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    Thomas Dunne, October 2015

    When her gangster father dies, Zoey Ashe becomes the target both for his former enemies and business partners. While Zoey never had much to do with her father when he was alive, suddenly she’s living in his house, trying to figure out what to do with the killers and con men who worked for him, and being pursued by a group of evil super-villains who believe Zoey can give them the secret to making their enhancements stable.

    It would be easier for Zoey if she knew who she could trust. But top executives to a corporation that makes its billions out of breaking the law don’t tend to be easy to trust, especially as every one of them feels certain that Zoey is a mistake to be dealt with rather than anyone who can follow her father’s shoes.

    Author David Wong creates an intriguing future where criminals and libertarians have created a new city that they run for themselves, where millions watch streaming video of Zoey being hunted, creating fan groups in support of those who are trying to kill her. What makes this future especially interesting is that it is based on logical extrapolation from many of today’s social and economic trends. Wong mixes his ‘futuristic violence and fancy suits’ with more of the literal naming he’s adopted since his first book ‘John Dies at the End.’ Near future movies with titles like ‘James Bond Investigates the Space Station and Sleeps with Sexy Ninja Girls’ show Wong’s impression of the modern world’s limited imagination as well as interjecting an element of humor into the story.

    I found FUTURISTIC VIOLENCE AND FANCY SUITS to be compelling reading. Zoey, with her much-loved cat, Stench Machine, provides a perfect foil for the reader as she’s thrust from the trailer park into a new world of wealth, violence, and flexible morality.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/26/16

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