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    1956, Reprinted 1996 (Original title, Tiger, Tiger)

    Gully Foyle is the impossible man. He has survived a space ship wreck that killed all of his fellows and seems content to die there until a near rescue. The idea of revenge motivates him to torture the wreckage into something that can move through space, and continues to drive him even after he is captured by a strange sect, and then freed to recover on Earth. Foyle finds wealth and fame on Earth, but uses these only to further his revenge--until he also sees a new role for mankind.

    Alfred Bester is one of the great authors of the classic period of Science Fiction and THE STARS MY DESTINATION one of his great works. The writing style is a trifle odd, with a mixture of straight narative with pre-psychedelic visions and the use of different type and even graphics to represent Foyle's experience. Foyle represents everyman in a world where few men are allowed to excell. Confronted with mankind's self-destructive tendencies, Foyle works toward liberation and choice, even if this may result in an accelerated destruction.

    Many of the cliches of modern science fiction (including matter transfer, artificial augmentation of the human body with robotics, and mixed time-space travel) appear first, or most fully developed in THE STARS MY DESTINATION. This book remains a popular seller, outlasting virtually any of the other Science Fiction from the 1950s. Foyle is a tremendous character who, as everyman, is not the sugar-coated hero of space opera but someone real, dangerous, and more than a little evil. Warning, this book may disturb you--and it should.

    Five Stars

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