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    Review of THE GET-TO-THE-POINT SUCCESS READER by Rodney Ohebsion (editor)

    Immediex Publishing, September 2004

    The author has a good idea. Sift through eight classic books dealing with "how to succeed" and condense them to 240 pages of the best-of-the-best concepts. Cull out the shiniest nuggets of advice and put them all in one place, so today's reader (with the attention span of a gnat) doesn't have to wade through a bunch of boring stuff to get what they need.

    And indeed, the Success Reader is packed with nuggets of wisdom. It's interesting, fast reading. Still, here is my basic problem with this approach: The passages that made the grade here are the ones the editor found most insightful at the time he put this compendium together. As an avid student of this type of book, I've read some of the volumes in their entirety, some many times. And what I've found is that each time I read, I get something different--and I suspect I glom onto the passages that are most relevant to whatever my issues of the moment are. So some of the passages Mr. Ohebsion included are the same ones I have highlighted in my much worn original copies of these books--but some are passages I skimmed and obviously didn't find so interesting. And some of the gems I underlined and starred were not included.

    Still, that's not to say the Success Reader isn't a worthwhile investment. Particularly if you are not familiar with the works of Napoleon Hill, Orison Swett Marden, Samuel Smiles, Herbert N. Casson, and Charles F. Haanel, this book is a fantastic introduction to their concepts. These guys were some of the pioneers who inspired uncounted later books on positive thinking, creative visualization, strategies for success, and overall life satisfaction. They wrote these books before there was a "Self-Help" or "New Age" section in every bookstore. But be aware that this condensed volume is only a launching pad. If the writings of one or more of these authors pique your interest, get the original texts and read them in their totality. See if you don't pick up a few more gems of wisdom you need.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 12/04/04

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