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    Submission Guidelines

    Please note: at this time we are accepting submissions only from our existing authors. If you've written for us in either novel or anthology form, you're welcome to submit.

    If you're interested in publishing with, you may wish to read this FAQ first.

    What we want is currently accepting proposals in the following genres: romance, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. We are looking for completed novel-length projects. By novel-length, we mean something in the 50,000-plus wordcount range.

    If you have a completed project that you are interested in submitting, you may submit electronically. We recommend you query first with a brief (two or three paragraph) summary of your story to allow us to determine whether there is a possible fit. If a fit appears likely, we'll request either a partial (first couple of chapters) or a full (the entire manuscript). We prefer receiving these submissions as e-mail attachments. We accept Word, OpenDoc, or Rich Text Format.

    Because we accept electronic formatting, we do not specify fonts, font-size, or single/double-spacing. We are open to submissions using either English or American spelling and punctuation.

    What we don't want

    1. sells romance, including steamy-sexy romance. It does not sell pornography. All love scenes should be between two reasoning and consenting beings of appropriate age. Rape, incest, beastiality, and underage characters are not welcome.
    2. We are not interested in literary fiction. Only books in one of the supported genres (romance, mystery, science fiction and fantasy) are considered.
    3. Authors should be open to editing. Our editors work to improve your stories. If you would be offended by suggestions that your work can be improved, you might be better served by self-publication.
    4. We do not sell and cannot buy fan-fiction or any work of fiction where the author does not have control over the intellectual property included.