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    Review of YOU'RE HIRED by Bill Rancic (Winner of The Apprentice)

    Harper Business, August, 2004

    Bill Rancic was practically born an entrepreneur, starting with when he cooked pancake breakfasts for his grandmother's friends for the cash they would leave under their plates (an activity his parents put an end to once they figured out what he was doing). Later, he bought and sold cars, ran a boat wash-and-wax business, became a mail-order cigar tycoon and, finally, a real estate developer. Rancic's self-made status (not to mention his pretty face) made him a natural to compete on the TV show The Apprentice, where sixteen young, ambitious businesspeople--many with fancy business degrees--compete under the watchful eye of Donald Trump. The prize--to run one of Trump's companies for a year.

    Despite the book's title, it isn't about how to get a job. It's mostly about how to be an entrepreneur--how to run a business with no experience, no training, no capital--nothing but some fast talking and a passion to make something happen.

    I was prepared not to like a business book written by a snot-nosed kid who'd had a stroke of extremely good fortune and thought that made him an expert. In reality, I enjoyed the book very much and wound up liking Rancic an awful lot. (For one thing, he's not nearly as young as I thought he was). It wasn't his idea to write the book. He was approached, no doubt with a hefty advance offer, and as he put it (and I'm paraphrasing), why shouldn't he take full advantage of his fifteen minutes of fame?

    While I didn't find any advice in the pages of You're Hired that I haven't read in other "how-to-succeed" type books, it was still a pleasant read, and it left me feeling that Rancic deserves the success he has attained because he has worked like a dog and he has operated from a position of integrity. At least, that's his story! This book would make a good gift for any recent graduate or anyone contemplating starting a business.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 9/05/04

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